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Pinhole Cameras Made With Vintage Hardcover Novels (photography)

Really cool- an Etsy Store dedicated to selling pinhole cameras. But not just any pinhole cameras… Pinhole cameras made from vintage hardcover novels. Each one is characterized by the novel from which it was created. They’re all designed for use with 35mm film, and they come with instructions showing users how to load and shoot [...]

Korea Clash (photography)

The Sacramento Bee has a very relevant collection of photographs that give a small but interesting glimpse into the Korean militaries, and the broad effect that recent events here have had. Most photos are in South Korea, but they illustrate just a small slice of the different ways people have been reacting to the clash [...]

50 Years: JFK in Photos (photography)

There’s a really fantastic collection of photographs from in and around the JFK administration, 50 years in memoriam. The series gives a wonderful look into the entire length of what is, perhaps, the most iconic American presidency.

Urban Exploration: Singer’s Abandoned Home in Japan (photography)

I recently came across a pretty cool blog that showcases photographs from all around Japan, of different interesting places and culturally compelling locations. This one is a house originally owned by a singer, but was abandoned, apparently abruptly. The photos tell quite a story: Shouji Masakatsu, a singer in 1985 on the inaugural journey of [...]

San Francisco Gets Tilt-Shift Treatment, Turns Miniature (video)

Thank you MINIMUS, this is really awesome.

Never-Seen: Hiroshima & Nagasaki from Life (photography)

This is an incredible set of photographs from just after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Check out the Life website for the whole set, these two were my favorites. Very harrowing considering that I saw the Atomic Bomb Dome in person, and it appears in one of the other photos [...]

Captured: America in Color, 1939-1943 (photography)

A photo blog on the Denver Post has put up a set of incredible color (!) photographs taken in the late 30s and early 40s. Many of these you would never normally see in color, and the series captures the tail-end of the depression-era United States and the beginning of the war effort in the [...]