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Korea Clash (photography)

The Sacramento Bee has a very relevant collection of photographs that give a small but interesting glimpse into the Korean militaries, and the broad effect that recent events here have had. Most photos are in South Korea, but they illustrate just a small slice of the different ways people have been reacting to the clash [...]

50 Years: JFK in Photos (photography)

There’s a really fantastic collection of photographs from in and around the JFK administration, 50 years in memoriam. The series gives a wonderful look into the entire length of what is, perhaps, the most iconic American presidency.

Digital Media, Copyright, and the Future of Academic Cultural Criticism

When, as happens in many cases, a company that owns the intellectual property of a song, movie, image, or other cultural object included in a YouTube video submits successfully a DMCA takedown notice, does that, in and of itself destroy culture? Consider a novel. When there is a concept or idea pivotal to a paper [...]

Another One Bites The Dust

For as long as the technology has existed, webcasters have been (un)regulated the same way as terrestrial radio stations – specifically, most were not required to pay royalties for the music they played. This system was originally established a half-century ago to allow for labels to have free advertising at the hands of the stations, [...]

A Different Take on the Demise of OiNK

This afternoon, Stereogum highlighted one user’s reaction to the arrest of OiNK’s creator and the closing of their file forums. I thought it was an important enough perspective that it deserved a repost: Yes, it provided a way to get free versions of widely available popular albums, but it also archived and cataloged the last [...]