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Boy Crisis – L’Homme (video)

Super cool music video from Milena Petrovic for Boy Crisis‘s L’Homme. Check it.

M83 – Midnight City (video)

follow the medium sounds As was said so eloquently by someone, not myself: The track of the year gets an official video. Definitely not the video of the year, but still pretty awesome.

The United States of Autocomplete (map)

Several years ago, Google implemented a feature which attempts to complete queries made by users with commonly used searches that have been archived and parsed. Very Small Array compiled a list of these searches by state, and created a map of the United States which characterizes the US by the way Google completes search queries [...]

Pinhole Cameras Made With Vintage Hardcover Novels (photography)

Really cool- an Etsy Store dedicated to selling pinhole cameras. But not just any pinhole cameras… Pinhole cameras made from vintage hardcover novels. Each one is characterized by the novel from which it was created. They’re all designed for use with 35mm film, and they come with instructions showing users how to load and shoot [...]

NSFW: El Guincho – Bombay (video)

Awesome song, rocking video. El Guincho is playing at La Cita this Wednesday (October 6th) and Spaceland this Friday (October 8th) in Los Angeles.

San Francisco Gets Tilt-Shift Treatment, Turns Miniature (video)

Thank you MINIMUS, this is really awesome.

Art vs. Science – Magic Fountain (video)

New video from Art vs. Science for the song “Magic Fountain.” Directed by Alex Roberts. Awesome. (via superhumanoids)