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Phantogram – Nightlife EP

all you do is shake shake shake keep your body still, keep your body still I had a really hard time choosing a song to feature from this EP, which, in EP terms, is an exceptional sign. The reasons I finally settled on “Don’t Move” are two-fold: First, the beats are excellent; Second, it’s a [...]

M83 – Midnight City (video)

follow the medium sounds As was said so eloquently by someone, not myself: The track of the year gets an official video. Definitely not the video of the year, but still pretty awesome.

Air Review – America’s Son (music)

that I am america’s son, and I’m not the only one I am america’s son, and I’m so inclined to run This is my first exposure to Air Review, a Dallas-based group that has already released one album (Landmarks). I was linked to America’s Son,¬†and liked it immediately. The song, while not immediately minor, expresses [...]

Bon Iver – Perth (music)

you’re breaking your ground As I walk through the soft summer rain in Seoul, the new album by Bon Iver, and this song in particular, strike a emphatically familiar but still entirely different chord from his previous album. While the desperation that marks his previous is noticeably absent, it has been quietly replaced by a [...]

The Antlers – French Exit

everyone I’ve loved, kept me tangled in my heart you’ll tie that knot a bit too lose, not enough to tease apart This is not a first reaction. This is not even a second reaction. The process by which I came to lend voice to this song, this album, this evolution of sound created and [...]

Wild Beasts – Smother (music)

it means all that the heart requires is what it can’t compromise One week ago today I listened to the new Wild Beasts album, entitled Smother, during a nearly perfectly long ride on the metro. Besides being an excellent album, it represents a subtle but significant change for Wild Beasts from their previous: While polishing [...]

Thao & Mirah – Little Cup (music)

…and when you see me cry, you ask me, but I think that… …you already know why, I’m staring up at the sky… As oft happens, I was just settling down into what seemed like several inevitably boring weeks without new music when this fell into my lap. A big fare. A really big fare. [...]

Oh Land – Sun of a Gun (music)

you’ve got them all fooled, but I’m burned out on this rush The Oh Land full length, due out in a couple of days (March 15), is a fantastic addition to what has already become an incredible year for music in only its third month. A mix of electronic and pop, the album touches on [...]

Wye Oak – Civilian (music)

I wanted to give you everything but I still stand in awe of superficial things Wye Oak. New album. Incredible single. Civilian drew me into the music in a way I rarely have the fortune to appreciate. Soft but strong, the song nearly overflows with emotion. It seems to remain in check only to communicate [...]

Lovers – Boxer (music)

what a drag not to know how you are, what a drag not to know how you feel Sometimes when your music is shuffled, and as the needle skips about your library everything softly melding together like one long track of monotone words phrases chords tones lyrics sounds you stop. You look up, just for [...]