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Shugo Tokumaru – Hidamari (music)

Hidamari is a song that has been with me for years now, and every once in a while it comes on while I’m working – as it just did. Today I decided that it was the right time to share the lighthearted, hopeful, completely delightful, and probably indecipherable Shugo Tokumaru with you. Shugo Tokumaru – [...]

Glenn Ganges in: “Time Traveling” by Kevin Huizenga (comic)

Shared by a friend, I read this long comic/short graphic novel this evening. Words I feel form an accurate description when used in combination: subtle, dynamic, compelling, quiet, empathetic, delightful, heartbreaking, calculated, blue, hopeful, magical. Highly recommended. It will take a moment to read but will really leave a lasting impression.

Time Lapse of Perseid Meteor Shower in Joshua Tree (video)

And of course, one of my favorite Sigur Rós songs accompanies the video…

Captured: America in Color, 1939-1943 (photography)

A photo blog on the Denver Post has put up a set of incredible color (!) photographs taken in the late 30s and early 40s. Many of these you would never normally see in color, and the series captures the tail-end of the depression-era United States and the beginning of the war effort in the [...]

The Man Who Planted Trees (video)

This animated film (in French: L’homme qui plantait des arbres), was created from a story originally written by Jean Giono and published in 1953. It is available in four parts on youtube, the first of which I have reproduced here and the following parts I have linked below. The animation is beautiful and magical, with [...]

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio (video)

stand up straight at the foot of your love Bloodbuzz Ohio is the first single from The National‘s new album High Violet. The rest of the album is great, and in spite of my general dislike of performance videos, this one goes in a different direction than most and I like it. Check it out.

Future Islands – Tin Man (video)

and time goes by, and you’ve got a lot to learn in your life, and the heart’s not inside, and I’ve gotta find the one, who’s just right I posted about Future Islands a little while back, and since that time they have become one of my very favorite bands of two-thousand-ten. This song happens [...]

Future Islands – In Evening Air (audio)

and i hold your hand as i’m walking through that door I have to admit, even with all of the incredible albums I’ve stumbled upon in the last three weeks, Future Islands still took me by surprise. The synth combined with the pop, all cobbled together with a bit of raw emotion that begs at [...]

Frightened Rabbit – Nothing Like You (mp3)

i could claw back my heart and soul, as the size of this tumour diminishes, so we fill that black hole Frightened Rabbit have released two wonderful albums over the last several years, but with the advent of The Winter Of Mixed Drinks it has become apparent that both were simply a slow build. To [...]

Out of a Forest – Short Stop-Motion Animated Film (video)

you know I dreamed about you, for twenty-nine years, before I saw you This absolutely beautiful animated short, conceptualized and directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen as a school project (and for submission to festivals) received permission from The National to use their track Slow Show off of their 2007 Album Boxer for the score. The [...]