Wye Oak – Civilian (music)

I wanted to give you everything but I still stand in awe of superficial things

Wye Oak. New album. Incredible single. Civilian drew me into the music in a way I rarely have the fortune to appreciate. Soft but strong, the song nearly overflows with emotion. It seems to remain in check only to communicate the dichotomic nature of how powerful but also tender and vulnerable the moment is. Delightful.

Wye Oak – Civilian

The United States of Autocomplete (map)

Several years ago, Google implemented a feature which attempts to complete queries made by users with commonly used searches that have been archived and parsed. Very Small Array compiled a list of these searches by state, and created a map of the United States which characterizes the US by the way Google completes search queries with the name of the state. Extremely cool.

(via strangmaps via vsa)

Pinhole Cameras Made With Vintage Hardcover Novels (photography)

Really cool- an Etsy Store dedicated to selling pinhole cameras. But not just any pinhole cameras… Pinhole cameras made from vintage hardcover novels. Each one is characterized by the novel from which it was created. They’re all designed for use with 35mm film, and they come with instructions showing users how to load and shoot the cameras.

(via petapixel)

Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats (video)

Adorable. I think this would drive me to buy Friskies cat food if it weren’t so damn bad for cats.

Thought of You (Ryan Woodward) (video)

Inspiring and wonderful with more than just a touch of heartbreak. Made by Ryan J. Woodward.

(via Motionographer)

Lovers – Boxer (music)

what a drag not to know how you are, what a drag not to know how you feel

Sometimes when your music is shuffled, and as the needle skips about your library everything softly melding together like one long track of monotone words phrases chords tones lyrics sounds you stop. You look up, just for a moment. Something has happened: The pattern is broken. Focus for just a moment on the gravity of your situation. You get up, walk out, down the street, let yourself go. And that’s it.

Lovers – Boxer

Korea Clash (photography)

The Sacramento Bee has a very relevant collection of photographs that give a small but interesting glimpse into the Korean militaries, and the broad effect that recent events here have had. Most photos are in South Korea, but they illustrate just a small slice of the different ways people have been reacting to the clash last month.

Check out the original post for more photos.

50 Years: JFK in Photos (photography)

There’s a really fantastic collection of photographs from in and around the JFK administration, 50 years in memoriam. The series gives a wonderful look into the entire length of what is, perhaps, the most iconic American presidency.

Urban Exploration: Singer’s Abandoned Home in Japan (photography)

I recently came across a pretty cool blog that showcases photographs from all around Japan, of different interesting places and culturally compelling locations. This one is a house originally owned by a singer, but was abandoned, apparently abruptly. The photos tell quite a story:

Shouji Masakatsu, a singer in 1985 on the inaugural journey of the Varuna ferry; its three day trip taking them from Oarai in Ibaraki, to Muroran in Hokkaido.

More where that came from. Check them all out in the original post.

Sun Airway – Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier (music)

every word my lips suggest, that’s between my lips and the american west

Sun Airway is a delightful little thang from Philadelphia. Delightful because of their sound, and because they finally came out with their (at least by me) much-anticipated first album, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier. I’ve already posted a song or two from it, a couple of the singles, but this one I hadn’t heard before I got the album. Really good, solid, and delightful. Check it out, and if you have the chance to see them live, do that too.

Sun Airway – American West