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DELTA HEAVY – Get By (video)

Delta Heavy’s video for Get By is super great. The song isn’t awe-inspiring, but the video is totally worth watching.

Boy Crisis – L’Homme (video)

Super cool music video from Milena Petrovic for Boy Crisis‘s L’Homme. Check it.

Phantogram – Nightlife EP

all you do is shake shake shake keep your body still, keep your body still I had a really hard time choosing a song to feature from this EP, which, in EP terms, is an exceptional sign. The reasons I finally settled on “Don’t Move” are two-fold: First, the beats are excellent; Second, it’s a [...]

M83 – Midnight City (video)

follow the medium sounds As was said so eloquently by someone, not myself: The track of the year gets an official video. Definitely not the video of the year, but still pretty awesome.

Air Review – America’s Son (music)

that I am america’s son, and I’m not the only one I am america’s son, and I’m so inclined to run This is my first exposure to Air Review, a Dallas-based group that has already released one album (Landmarks). I was linked to America’s Son,¬†and liked it immediately. The song, while not immediately minor, expresses [...]

Bon Iver – Perth (music)

you’re breaking your ground As I walk through the soft summer rain in Seoul, the new album by Bon Iver, and this song in particular, strike a emphatically familiar but still entirely different chord from his previous album. While the desperation that marks his previous is noticeably absent, it has been quietly replaced by a [...]

The Antlers – French Exit

everyone I’ve loved, kept me tangled in my heart you’ll tie that knot a bit too lose, not enough to tease apart This is not a first reaction. This is not even a second reaction. The process by which I came to lend voice to this song, this album, this evolution of sound created and [...]

Wild Beasts – Smother (music)

it means all that the heart requires is what it can’t compromise One week ago today I listened to the new Wild Beasts album, entitled Smother, during a nearly perfectly long ride on the metro. Besides being an excellent album, it represents a subtle but significant change for Wild Beasts from their previous: While polishing [...]

Thao & Mirah – Little Cup (music)

…and when you see me cry, you ask me, but I think that… …you already know why, I’m staring up at the sky… As oft happens, I was just settling down into what seemed like several inevitably boring weeks without new music when this fell into my lap. A big fare. A really big fare. [...]

Oh Land – Sun of a Gun (music)

you’ve got them all fooled, but I’m burned out on this rush The Oh Land full length, due out in a couple of days (March 15), is a fantastic addition to what has already become an incredible year for music in only its third month. A mix of electronic and pop, the album touches on [...]